Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Emergent Conversation

I have been reading a lot of Blogs the last couple of days on and about the Emergent Conversation. However, I still do not completely understand exactly what this movement is or what it specifically stands for or against. I am looking forward to attending a session the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary is holding on February 9th with Dr. John Franke. Dr. Franke- who is Associate Professor of Theology and Chair of the Faculty at Biblical Seminary-will along with other emergent leaders from the Pittsburgh area will be presenting a workshop on the Emergent movement.
Just to give you a little of my interpretation I do have a feeling of "superiority" being given off by this movement- a "super christian" type vibe-that may or may not be accurate, which is why I am looking forward to this event. I have often been personally offended by persons within the evangelical movement and those who espouse non-traditional worship styles. I understand that the Emergent Conversation is an offshoot group that does wish to remove itself from the evangelical movement. I hope to be proven completely and utterly wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Beware of these "emergent" types! They sty to harmonize ALL streams of Christianity! Brian McLaren is their main thelogian, backed up by the recently deceased, Stanley Grenz and the still living Leonard Sweet and Robert Webber. You can google them.

Also here is a site of emergers:

There is an excellent analysis of this movement, from a Reformed perspective, from the magazine, Modern Reformation:

Have fun with it, but come home safe!