Friday, February 03, 2006

Disgracing our Troops

As has been seen all over the news the past couple of days a Washington Post "Cartoonist" made a "cartoon" that depicted an Iraq War Veteran amputee in an effort to demean and discredit Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. As a Marine Corps Veteran who has lost many friends in Iraq and Afghanistan I personally find what this "Cartooonist" did morally reprehensible. I do not overly care about one's position on the war as we are all free to say and do as we please, but using a wounded vet to make a political point is savage and tasteless. Unfortunately-as Tucker Carlson once said-you cannot legislate taste. I often wonder at the motives of many anti-war protestors. We have seen recently the alliance of anti-war groups with Hugo Chavez who is himself the very epitome of the type of Dictator and attacker of the rights anti-war protesters seem to want to protect. However their hatred for George W. Bush-which I believe is truly rooted in another place-has driven them to hold positions that contradict the beliefs that they themselves claim to hold dear. For example myself as a veteran who attended a liberal college (The University of Pittsburgh) I was often the subject of denigration and humiliation at the hands of so-called liberals who called me such wonderful names as "babykiller" and "terrorist". Now if these open-minded liberals really believed in taking in all sides do you believe they would act in this manner? The answer of course is no. I have always wondered why these groups such as Code Pink and others think the government is spying on them. I have noticed that they have very little of value to say anyway.

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