Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Thanks for the Prayers

I thank those who have offered prayers and encouragement. It is appreciated beyond measure. I especially thank Gannett Girl for her encouragement. Most who disagree offer only sarcasm and venom but you have shown humility, graciousness, and gentleness. Thank You.

Funny How God Speaks To You

I had an atheist-Unitarian to be exact-friend who had pressed me on the meaning and definition of the Trinity. My lacking of a definitive answer that would satisfy her forced me to read the Westminster Confession of Faith (not just read it but study it) and its thoughts on the Trinity. As I read the confession and the accompanying verses I felt my heart strangely warmed (thanks John Wesley for your wonderful description) and I felt at peace. A strange peace; a peace that you only feel when your body is completely settled and at rest. I called my friend and read from the confession. While I could hear the hesitation in her voice though she still stated she did not buy it. Being a defense mechanism I can only hope that I assisted the Holy Spirit in placing a burning ember in her heart because I know it reignited the fire within mine for the words of the gospel. The pure gospel as laid out in the wonderful words of the Westminster Standards. As I laid in bed last night I slept the best I had done in weeks. Thanks be to God whom in all things are possible. Amen


Anonymous said...

For Unitarians (and other liberals), a great book on the Trinity would be Leonardo Boff's "Holy Trinity, Perfect Community".

Boff is a brazilian Liberation theologian who really explains the doctrine to theological liberals in a way that they accept. He argues that the Trinity is the basis for real community of equals--by analogy, if God is perfect, loving community, then so should humans be.

For Reformed types like you and I, Boff is not biblical enough, but I think that God can use him to reach Unitarians with the profound truths of our Triune God.

You can find his book easily at Amszon.com!

Backwoods Presbyterian said...

Thanks Classic. I'll look into it.