Friday, June 09, 2006

Why I am a Presbyterian!

In the next couple of weeks those of us who call ourselves Presbyterians in the United States face a struggle which is a reaccuring one throught our history. Also in the next couple of days I will publish posts that should explain why it is important to be Presbyterian and also what I believe Presbyterianism is and what it should be. Some would say I should just post the Westminster Confession of Faith and be done with it. This would probably serve my purpose but I believe a different (mostly agreeing) look is required.


Moderator said...

Great idea. I was thinking of (and may still) write something on my blog about "Why I Am Not A Roman Catholic, Baptist, Atheist, etc." but "Why I Am A Presbyterian" sounds more positive.

RevFred38 said...

Let me echo what "moderator" said. In this time of decision for our denomination, I think it's important for us to understand why we are Presbyterians and not something else. Westminster is a good place to start, but Heidelberg is good, too.

Rev. Chuck Huckaby said...

I serve in a Presbyterian church but I consider my self more "reformed" theologically.

I suppose it's because the title "presbyterian" deals with church government and to me - at best - that's the reformed faith's weakest link in doctrine and practice....witness the Two Office/Three Office controversy that exists to this day.

Give me the catholicity of the Heidelburg Catechism any day.

Also I hope presbyterians will read this presbyterian justification of the parish system as a viable model for modern church life. Older presbyterians like Baxter had a much more expansive view of presbyterianism... it wasn't just another sect to them.