Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Week Getting Worse is reporting that Cleveland Browns Center LeCharles Bentley was carted of the field at training camp today with an apparent knee injury. Here is to hoping it is either not very serious or it is one kind of sick preseason joke.

I cannot handle 7 out of 8 bad seasons for my Browns since they came back let alone the fact that my 3 other favorite sport teams had sub-par to horrendous seasons in the last calender year.

1) Marshall Thundering Herd Football goes from media darlings to a 4-7 season in year.

2) Pittsburgh Penguins win the draw of the century and pick phenom Sydney Crosby, sign some top-level free agents and then proceed to finish next-to-last in the 05-06 season.

3) 14 Seasons of futility. 'nuff said. It is tough being a Pittsburgh Pirate fan.


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BLP said...

Why are you rooting for the Browns? Do they let you live in Pittsburgh and root for them? I surely hope not!

Backwoods Presbyterian said...

No they do not let me but I am not afraid.