Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sorry about my two-month long absence from Posting

My apologies for being so tardy in my keeping up with this blog. Life can sometimes get in the way of fun and engaging speech. I still promise to finish my writings that I promised back in December on the dangers of the Big box churches. Between school and supply preaching not much time has been available for the upkeep of this blog. I am currently helping to establish an online student blog at PTS that you can find here:

I also have been preaching every sunday for the past two months as well as establishing contacts for Field Education next year. Hopefully I will be able to keep this blog operational. ?If not you can always check out my writing at PTS Logos as I am on the editorial board. If you have any questions/comments please let me know.

Benjamin P. Glaser


ChipB said...

Welcome back. I happen to have it from good authority that you were just goofing off!

p.s. - enjoy your snow day.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Yay! You're back!! Glad all is well and you've been so happily occupied elsewhere.

ChipB said...

I can see you've been goofing off all week again. I think I want my money back. :)

dad said...

you got a new computer so back to work!!

Reformed Catholic said...

FWIW ... its now 3 months since you posted anything other than the apology for not posting ... :)

Reformed Catholic said...

I just re-read what I wrote, and it sounds so accusatory. I meant it as a prod to get going again, as the commentaries here can be very thought provoking.

dogwagger said...

I just went to the PTS student blog. Its pretty boring. Spice it up. Its more like a news service.

I want to ask you what are the profs at PTS saying about NWAC other than Gagnon?

Are they saying that the only issue to leave a denomination is over Christology? Its funny I bet that they would state as long as the theology is true, don't leave.
But then there is nothing indicative about the call/demand (or lack thereof) to obedience to Jesus Christ. It is as though you can have theological integrity with mere assents but lack obedience. And in so doing there are no statements about the person or work of Jesus Christ.
I would argue that there are loud theological declarations in actions or lack of actions.
The working issue for congregations becomes: how to minister in such a climate. That climate doesn't effect an academic seminary.

Keep it real.

Denis Hancock said...

Welcome Back!