Monday, August 06, 2007

Glory Glory to the Hibees!!!


Hibs 1
Hearts 0

My Favorite Soccer club, Hibernian FC opens their League play today verses hated rivals Heart of Midlothian at 2:45pm EST. It is a particularly nasty derby match so I am looking forward to it with much excitement.

So here is a little ditty for you to sing:

There is a bonnie fitba' team at Easter Road they play i go along to see them every other Saturday in colours green and white the finest in the land today the Hibs go marching on, Glory glory to the Hibees glory glory to the Hibees glory glory to the Hibees, the Hibs go marching on.


Gary said...

Now I begin to comprehend your liking the Cleveland Browns... Soccer fans... :P

(My dad's a CB fan and so is (or at least I assume still is since she now lives in Chicago) my sister. Our house on Steeler vs. Browns was a house divided. Well perhaps divided is not so good a term since I was basically harassed and ganged up on)

Benjamin P. Glaser said...

It is not good
Gary to disobey your Father's will ;)

Rev. Brian Carpenter said...

You're cheering a Papist team, you Jesuit!

Rangers Forever!


Rev. Brian Carpenter said...,,5,00.html

dad said...

Ask Backwoods about being at the World Cup in Japan where he was wearing his Germany colors walked out of his hotel room only to find that he was staying at the National Irish headquarters and our CPM has questions on his call...

Rev. Brian Carpenter said...

Nevermind his call. His mental state is what I'd question after that.

dad said...

so does his mother and sister both at PTS with him. of course I knew it when I'd watch him play indoor soccer as a goalie.