Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cowardice Or Prudence?

The simple definition of these words are generally the same thing. I of course do not mean prudence in the classical Platonic sense for that concept has been dead for centuries, what I mean by prudence is the measure of action being so that the requisite or desired effect is accomplished in the proper, preordained time. I have often heard the term prudence given to the time the Church finds itself in today. Just wait, be prudent, do not cause disruption or disharmony. Well I have come to the conclusion that what is necessary for this day is not prudence for that in my mind is cowardice.

Martin Luther as he stood in front of the Diet of Worms is quoted as saying, "My conscience is captive to the Word of God. To go against conscious is neither right nor safe." We sit in our comfortable positions as inquirers and candidates awaiting to leap over the hurdles that have been placed before us giving very little to no thought as to the task we are about to undertake. As people being called to the pulpit to preach the Word of God we might want to take a second and think about what a mighty weight that has been placed upon us. If we preach against that which we have sworn in front of God to preach how then can we have integrity with our congregations? If we preach against that which we have promised before God in our Ordination vows to preach how then can we go before God and offer the Sacraments to his people? As Ministers of the Word And Sacrament we are not bystanders in the life of the people of our congregation but are the authority to which they call out in agony. Our congregations plead for the truth of Christ and we give them nothing but moralistic tales and worthless chatter. Be convicted by the plethora of people who will burn in Hell because we are unwilling to preach the full gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord our God is a Jealous God who will partake of his vengeance upon those who blaspheme his Word and offer comfort to the demons that placate the ungodly. We deny the holiness and righteousness of Christ when we preach a gospel other than what is given to us in Holy Scripture. Our time is fleeting. We are but sinners in the hand of an angry God who demands perfect righteousness from those that rebel against his holy commands. No longer can we sit on the sidelines and offer up to God our platitudes and defenses. We must lay ourselves prostrate at the foot of the cross and seek forgiveness for our allowance of the lies and demonic words of those who preach a different gospel than Christ's! We must not sit and wait for someone else to come along and do the work for us we have been charged by Scripture to preach an unfettered gospel, go from town to town teaching of the Mercy of Christ and shaking the dust off our feet in the towns that disregard the gospel. For as Christ says their fate shall be worse than Sodom's.

Choose you know whom you will serve. Will you serve Christ or Satan? Will you eat of the manna of Christ or the moldy bread the world provides? As for me and my household we shall serve the Lord our God.

So think to yourself. Are you a coward or are you a Christian?

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Dad said...

The first time I read the Bible was in High School. We studied it as History, a book that I still have. Being raised as a Southern Presbyterian my bias is deep and unshakable in that you can not take anything out of context. You must read the verses before and after the "text" of the day to get the "true" meaning. That scripture is the inspired word of God the only infallible rule of faith and practice. At 16 I had a Pauline experience that has never left me any doubt that there is a God. My faith journey includes stops as a Re-Union Presbyterian, Nazarene, Southern Baptist (though I couldn't join since I refused to get re-baptized) non-denominational Big Box, and back to the PCUSA. All lead by the spirit as He lead us though life. I think that people haven't changed one bit since Adam/Eve .That we still commit the same sins for the same reasons. I think a good portion of the clergy have purposely lead us astray as outlined many times in the OT and NT. That we have lost the fear of God. That there is no consequence for what we teach. That because of this the Main line denominations are imploding because the leadership has lead us astray. All though the Bible it is quite clear that when we go the wrong way the fig tree stops bearing fruit. IE: when we got into Politics and out of Mission we stopped producing fruit. Summited for my CLP Class