Thursday, May 08, 2008

Next Fall and a Break from Blogdom for a Week

Never too early to let y'all know what my class schedule looks like for next Fall. Registered today for these classes (3 at PTS, 1 at RPTS)...


TH 03 Church and Sacraments
Rev. Dr. John Burgess

A study of the role of the sacraments and the church in shaping and sustaining the Christian life. Particular attention will be devoted to the responsibility of pastors to provide theological vision for the church in contemporary North American society. Issues of conflict in church life will also be explored.

TH 22 Theology of T.H. Torrance
Rev. Dr. Andrew Purves

Study of major themes in the theology of a premier Reformed theologian of the second half of the 20th century. Special attention given to Torrance's understanding of epistemology, his critical theological realism, some contributions in the area of doctrine, and his indebtedness to Athanasius, and the Capadocian Fathers.

CH 64 Reformed Dogmatics
Rev. Dr. Andrew Purves & Rev. Dr. Charles Partee

This course will study the dogmatic task within Reformed Theology, and the approach of selective theologians.


OT 91 Introduction to Covenant Theology
Rev. Dr. Dennis Prutow

This course will bring the student to a greater understanding of the role of Covenant Theology in the life of the Church and the Christian man.

Also as the title says I am taking a break from active posting for a couple weeks as I bare down for the end of the term and the end of the School Year.

May providence be on your side.


Red_Cleric said...

Good luck on the finals. Just remember this too shall parse...


ChipB said...

I would prefer to see you BEAR down on your finals rather than BARE down in your finals.

Benjamin P. Glaser said...

Yeah that could be embarrassing Chip... LOL!!!

Dad said...

Nannie will be there in a couple of weeks so you had better shape up...I also understand your daughter prefers sleeping on top of the changing table instead of her bed :)

Viola said...

I am envious of your two classes with Purves and Purves teaching the theology of Thomas Torrance. What a treat.

ChipB said...


You can be envious of me, too. I will be in the Torrance class as well. However, my reformed dog died (he really was totally depraved and he certainly didn't believe in "working" for his salvation - or anything else) so I won't be taking the other class.

Gary said...

Love to get a hold of your notes for the Covenant Theology class.

Anonymous said...

I met Torrance before he died. But, being young and inexperienced, I had nothing to say...

Go get 'em!

Reformed Catholic said...

Looks like you'll be with someone I know in those classes.

Should be interesting.

ChipB said...


It usually IS interesting in class with "someone you know."

Reformed Catholic said...


I've no doubt about that ;)