Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Speaking of Giving In to Culture

I am currently working on a more "full length post" but for right now I'd like you to be thinking about a topic with which I am going to wrestle for a good long while personally.

To give a little context I was blindsided (in a good way) this morning at RPTS on the defense by the RPCNA concerning Exclusive Psalmody. I had never heard the arguments made by my Professor (Dr. Dennis Prutow) before and I would like to search them more deeply. Be ready with your arguments.


robert austell said...


I have wrestled with the regulative principle of worship, as interpreted by the puritans, and I suspect it is behind the argument you heard for exclusive psalmody. I'd enjoy talking further with you as I've been studying and writing on music and worship for a number of years.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the discussion.

But let's remember: The rigid interpretations of the RP and exclusive psalmnody are only used in the minority of our Reformed minority.

The vast majority of our Reformed brothers and sisters don't buy it and aren't likely to. It's kind of like majoring in the minors, IMO.

But let's reflect on it!

robert austell said...

I was just trying to let you know that someone had read your post with interest. I would like to know what persuasive argument you heard for exclusive psalmody, particularly if it is not RP-related. I was assuming that it would be related to the RP, because I've never heard any other argument for exclusive psalmody.

All that to say, bring on your longer post!

Benjamin P. Glaser said...

I'll post the "big post" tomorrow. My Internet is not working at home.