Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ridiculous, Pansies

School is canceled today at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. For what may you ask?

3 INCHES OF SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pansies I tell you!!!


Reformed Catholic said...


it must be nice to be able to walk to school and miss the traffic tie-ups, slush, sleet and freezing rain that is predicted for later in the day !!

Benjamin P. Glaser said...

You lived in Florida too long. The roads are fine this morning. My wife drove all the way to Cranberry Twp. this morning for work and no troubles.

Reformed Catholic said...

But will she make it home tonight, or have to find a room? (grin)

FWIW .. the buses have stopped running on our secondary street.

Steven Carr said...

I agree Ben, PANSIES, the whole lot of 'em. Most Churches in the Grand Rapids area cancelled their evening services because it was in the single digits and a little bit of snow (about three-five inches). Meanwhile back in Minnesota where I come from it was 20 below zero with even worse wind-chill and nobody cancelled. PANSIES! all of you.

Mr. Reformed Catholic, haven't you ever heard of planning accordingly? That's what those who know about weather conditions do. Slushy roads are nothing. I drove 70 miles one way in worse conditions.

ChipB said...

"I drove 70 miles one way in worse conditions."

Up hill. Barefoot.

ChipB said...


Pittsburgh school systems are even worse. There was a two hour delay Monday because it was 8 degrees at 8:00. By 10:00 it had warmed up to 9.

Tuesday school was cancelled because of the snow and POSSIBLE ice. Wednesday there was REAL ice on the roads and it was snowing again -- no delay, school as scheduled.

Where's the logic?

Steven Carr said...

Chipb, it was up hill BOTH ways and I was naked.

Reformed Catholic said...

FWIW ... in Minnesota, and parts north, you're used to the sub-zero in winter, and have the appropriate driving skills.

Here ... well, lets just say that people think having a 4x4 SUV negates the laws of physics, and that inertia no longer applies.

It was even worse in Northern Virginia!!

Gary said...

They should have cancelled on Wednesday.

And Cranberry is a stone's throw away from Pittsburgh. Try the four times as far commute. :P