Monday, March 10, 2008

A New Term

Well the time has come for the 3rd Term of the 2007-2008 School Year. If things go as planned then this should the beginning of the three last terms of Seminary for me. I should graduate the end of Term II next year (Feb. '09).

So here are the four classes and one Independent Study I am doing this term. Two at RPTS and the rest at PTS.

RPTS Classes

ST 41- Westminster Confession (audit)

ST 13- Doctrine of Revelation

PTS Classes

CS 02 - Church and Society - Local

OT 28 - Biblical Archeology

PS 03 - Homiletics

Now concerning the Independent Study it is not one for credit. One of the drawbacks of attending a mainline seminary that bills itself as having an ecumenical diversity is the lack of an Apologetics course being available in any capacity. So to rectify that I am going to read some Apologetical books. You can see on the side of my blog that I have already began that task. If you would like to see my progress just check out that pic.


Anonymous said...

PCUSA doctrine of revelation would be fun:

"Whatever the culture likes, must be adopted as an act of God."

I think you're taking the class at a better place...

Benjamin P. Glaser said...

Toby I would recommend picking up Robert Reymond's "New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith" and read what he has to say concerning Doctrine of Revelation. Great stuff. Also recommend James Boice's Mp3's at concerning this.