Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Puritans Mind

The long time readers of this blog will remember the public spat I had with Dr. C. Matthew McMahon way back in 2006. Well after a long discernment process I have accepted his counsel these later days and now tell you to feel free and use A Puritans Mind at your leisure.

Thank You


Steven Carr said...

I didn't know you and the Puritan Mind had a falling out. C. Mathew McMahon's site is one of my favorite sights. I am glad your differences has been resolved.

Anonymous said...

But I can't comment there, right?

Guilt by association...

Dad said...

His comments were still uncalled for and his actions were questionable as if he was the gate keeper.

Anonymous said...

Listen to Dad.

A;ways good advice, no?

DROLLORD said...

Please have patience with me here. I have some questions I want to ask you. For your mind's sake, I'm URC not PCUSA or other involved denominations:

-What was the purpose of the message board and would your presence be considered (rightly or wrongly ) an obstruction to that purpose?

"I have accepted his counsel these later days..."
-To leave the denomination?

-Are you saying that his terms of banning you were legitimate?

-Did his counsel necessitate you warning others to not visit his website or to come to the conclusion that he was full of himself (however you put it)?

-Please don't ban me! :)

Gary said...

I'm sorry but I fail to see how his actions are now justified. There are still plenty of orthodox PCUSA members and churches. Its still unChristian to slam the door on someone simply because they are a member of the PCUSA.

DROLLORD said...

"Its still unChristian to slam the door on someone simply because they are a member of the PCUSA."

-Given the nature of C. Mathew McMahon's charges against the PCUSA, I must admit I think a bit of Christ's rhetoric with the woman at the well,
"We the Jews...etc." and wonder if Dr. McMahon was altogether unjustified.

Dad said...

We who are still in the trenches fighting the "good fight" would point out that we haven't lost yet.

Droll Flood said...

What would constitute losing the fight?

Chuck said...


I agree with your Dad!

I saw, BTW, your passing comment on Toby's blog about the "Federal Vision" and the NPP.

I consider what transpired in the PCA this summer to be the polar opposite of the idiocy Toby was writing about. Just as the PCUSA has lost perspective, so have many conservative presbyterian elements like McMahon's sectarian reading of reformed theology.

For example, this week I was reading Geddes MacGregor's Corpus Christi on the reformed doctrine of the church and I believe it was John Brown of Whamphray whose treatise on church membership quoted there sounded remarkably like the "Federal Vision"! Of course, so does Calvin when you read him!

God bless your studies Ben.

And God bless your Dad and those who fight with him! I wish I'd had a dad who were both alive for me to talk with and a Christian.


Presbyman said...

It may be that being in the PC(USA) is not a matter of staying, fighting, and winning, but staying and witnessing. That is the stance being taken by Presbyterians Pro-Life, for example. And I rather like being a PC(USA) Pastor who publicly speaks out against abortion, for example. Or at least, I think God has a purpose for my doing so.

Rev. John Erthein
Erie, PA