Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Open Rebellion

This is a letter to the editor in the Johnson City Press (My Great-Grandmother's hometown) from a PC(USA) minister. I noticed it first when I read the newspaper in the August 20th edition. I did not pay it much mind until I found it on the Pastor's own blog. Now paint me as a reactionary but is this not openly flouting the Book of Order and directives of the PJC and General Assembly?

Voting Against

"I have been honored to officiate at holy unions for gay and lesbian couples that I believe are as holy and blessed as any of the marriages I have performed for straight couples. I serve a congregation that welcomes and loves gay and lesbian people, their partners and families, and regards them as full and equal members.

I will be voting against this amendment in November. Regardless of what happens with this legislation, it is even more important that sexual minorities in this area know that you do not have to choose between your faith and who you are. There are congregations here that are open and affirming. I am proud to serve one of them."

John Shuck
First Presbyterian Church


Anonymous said...

What else is new?

Just add him to the list of apostate 'ministers' in this denomination.

At least he has the guts to admit who and what he is.

will spotts said...

D'ya ever notice how many people have commented on blogs denying that such defiance is occurring? I'm starting to see a pattern, statements to the effect of : 'What chaos? The only chaos I'm seeing is the ranting of Evangelicals.'

Thanks for highlighting an example. I fear there will be no problem finding a host of others.

Mark Smith said...
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Presbyterian Gal said...

Oh, heavy sigh. I already have so many to pray for. Now I must add John Shuck to my list? And he's supposedly a trained professional? God help us all. Which, of course He will. But I'm already up till 1:30 in the morning now. (Pardon me while I have some cheese with that whine).

Anonymous said...

Apostate and Heretical?

... Not much has changed. How can anyone who remains in the PCUSA still claim they are Christian if action against such anti-biblical, un-Christian behavior is not swift and complete?

The PCUSA is doomed to spend years in court defending their decadant, pagan Godess Sophia (and her trinity womb, heart and aborted fetus).

It's too bad they will steal the property that belongs to vibrant Bible believing churches that still believe in Jesus as the only way to salvation.

It's too bad the lawyers will get the money created by the endowments of many long passed-on, faithful, silver-haired folks who gave their earthly treasure to the church to do God's work, not Satan's.

The good news is: with no money left, they will no longer be able to fund the few missionaries they have in the field... since most of them are not preaching the Gospel, but preaching Marxism.

Is it so surprising that a PCUSA pastor thinks gay marriage is a good thing?

Do not be yoked with unbelievers. Come out from them. I have. I choose to follow Christ! I will be praying for those of you who remain that you may see the light and leave as well

person in the pew said...

Is there any procedure in the PCUSA to remove "pastors" such as this, and I use the term "pastor" in reference to this guy with reservation.

I was reading one of his previous posts from August 2006 and one of the comments said "Dude, are you even a "Christian" pastor?" It was pretty funny. I also noticed that Shuck cannot abide critism at all...say anything to contradict or question him and he tells you to get lost. Great attitude for a "pastor"!

Anonymous said...

A fellow Baptist told me he saw in the paper that this PCUSA minister was conducting gay marriages. After finding the article, I had to explain to him that he wasn't conducting gay marriages, something explicitly banned in the PCUSA, but was conducting "holy unions".

John Shuck said...

Hey Backwoods,

No rebel here. My same-sex blessings, holy unions, etc. were in full compliance with the constitution.

John Shuck