Monday, August 21, 2006

Prayer Request #3

This Prayer Request #3 is for discerment. As most of you know I am a seminarian and am an inquirer in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). As all of you who are aquainted with this denomination understand these are tumultuous times that require vigilance, study, and most importantly fervent prayer. While the seminary I attend is not overly theologically liberal it does have on its staff two men out in the forefront of the fight we find ourselves in: The Rev. Dr. Andrew Purves and Dr. Robert A.J. Gagnon. I find myself standing in the wilderness tearing my cloak as I stand full of anxiety, passion, and uncertainty. II ask for prayers of discerment as I begin to near Ordination as to the path in which God has chosen for me. In God there is hope. In God there is foundation. To God Be the Glory. Amen.


Stushie said...
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Stushie said...

Be who God called you to be, and not who your teachers would like to shape you to be...

Backwoods Presbyterian said...

I was speaking not of their "shaping" of me personally but of their standing as theologians n the PC (USA) i.e.- as to the quality of theological education they provide.

Anonymous said...

I guess we all have to decide if God is calling us to the battle or to the sidelines.

If you are ordained in this denomination, you will face great trials, temptations and persecutions, yes. But along the way, you will have brothers and sisters in the faith to stand with you!

There may be too few of us to 'win', but oh what quality of godly servants are on our side!

We have lions of the faith on our side, while they have kittens! We have the Bible, the confessions, the history and the saints. They have fads and passing, fickle culture.

I guess that what I'm really saying is you should remember that you will be ordained as a colleague with some steadfast friends--including me!--and that you will never stand alone.

So, the days of decision will be upon you and your house...will you join us in the worthy battle?

I ask myself: Is there anything more noble to do or any more worthy goal to have for ministry than to contend for the faith once delivered?

I'll stop preaching now... :)

Collin Brendemuehl said...

Maybe your discernment should be more practical. Consider another Presbyterian group, perhaps. One shouldn't pray when one knows right from wrong.


real presbyterian said...

There is another Presbyterian Seminary in Pittsburgh. Transfer to that institution in order to learn Biblical Truth.

Consider a call from a church that is in a different Presyterian denomination (PCA, OPC, EPC, etc).